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Fixed photovoltaic systems




– the systems can be extended in case of additional electricity users

there is no electrical network

-installation of a photovoiltaic system creates the possibility of electricity supply in rural areas, where

electricity users)

– you can produce your own electricity required for power supply of domestic users (or of any type of

– partial or total deduction of the electricity bill (urban areas where consumption is on-grid)

Building site(settling) and sizing

The photovoltaic pannel systems can be placed on any surface

The sizing of such a system is performed based on the following information:

  • approximate monthly consumtion (KWh) – can be obtained from the monthly invoice or by summing up all users (TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, lightbulbs, etc) and their length of use daily
  • system type: with feed in SEN, for on-grid use, with connection to the network / independent (storage in battery banks) / independent of the grid.
  • the exact location where the system should be placed: if possible, geographical coordinates



  • private residences, hotels, pensions (guest houses), restaurants, office buildings, industrial rooms(halls), reacreation centers
  • supply for telecommunication systems
  • pumping and water purification stations and energetic independence for farms
  • any other electricity user