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Tracker photovoltaic systems



Although the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels was improved considerably in the past years, its  maximum threshhold has been reached. An obvious efficiency improvement is observed due to the use of a performent sun tracking system. This is due to the fact that irrespective of the modules used the energy quantity produced is higher.

The option of fitting on fixed profile stuctures is cheaper from the initial investment point of view, yet the efficiency is also lowered, leading to a slower depreciation (amortization/pay-off)

Important characteristics:


High efficiency, small consumption. The reduced energy consumption is also an important factor in the efficiency of the tracker. For example, a two axis tracker uses only 0,5% of the additional energy that it produces.

Flexibility and durability. The trackers are flexible in terms of assembly and compatible with all types of moduels and invertors.

The minimum maintenance cost but also the solid building of high-end materials provide for a prolongued functioning period. Guaranteed! Waranty of up to 25 years!

Maximum efficiency with the two rotation-axis trackers – always aligning the photovoltaic modules in the position in which the sunrays are collected best – yield of up to 45% higher.

Solar radiation: The tracker has direct front contact with the sun for the entire day.

Varying luminosity conditions: Due to different degrees of cloud, the luminosity conditions from the solar parks vary from tracker to tracker. Due to individual control, each tracker is oriented optimusly to the most intense source of radiation. This guarantees the best eficiency possible.

The surface reflects: The tracker uses the direct solar

radiation as well as the energy from the reflected radiation.

Partially cloudy: To the direct solar radiation the

diffuse light is also added to maximize the effect.

Cloud curtain: The tracker captures all the diffuse

light with the help of horisontal positioning.