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About Us

MEIR Green SRLĀ is a company with a fully Romanian private equity, founded in 2007 as MEIR Consulting, which operates in the renewable energy domain.

In 2013, along with the gradual expansion of our activity during the past years towards all EPC components (Engineering, Procurement & Consulting ), the name of our company was changed to Meir Green.

MEIR GREEN provides complex solutions for durable development based on using the renewable energy. Our offer includes the residential, commercial and industrial areas of energy use.

Systems’ sizing

Sizing the systems starts with a required energy quantity. Further we develop the optimum integrated solution which provides this quantity with a minimum financing effort and with the quickest recovery of the investment

Electrical Energy

We generate solutions of electrical energy production with hydro, Aeolian (wind powered), photovoltaic or hybrid systems, using the most performant technologies and equipment of the moment. We develop applications for energy production with delivery into the national energetic system (SEN), for the prioritary provision of own consumption in real time or with energy storage.


For heating we chose the infrared heat transfer – high end technology at the moment which ensures – compared to the conventional systems – a lower investment cost of up to 40%, does not require maintenance and the cost of exploitation is diminished by 10-50% compared to the classical(standard) fuels.
Solar panels with vacuum tubes provide for the required quantities of domestic hot water and may contribute to the required quantity of heat for heating. Here as well we can provide integral Hybrid solutions in order to increase the sustainability of our projects.


Third biggest energy comsuming category – lighting – ensured with high efficiency LED lightbulbs with consumption lowered by 70-85% compared to the standard ones, comes in addition to the durable development solutions that we promote.



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