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Residential Aeolian (Wind) Turbines

Fortis Wind Energy



The residential wind tubines produced by Fortis Wind Energy are one of the highest ranked in the world due to their reliability, easy installation and no maintenance. The new materials used in the production process together with the simple design ensue in the most performant wind turbines at a reasonable price.


30 years of experience
No maintenance required
Among the most silent wind turbines
Average life-span of over 20 years
Easy commissioning
Over 6400 turbines installed worldwide



  • Three-phase synchronous generator, with permanent magnets (24-240Vdc)
  • The blades of the turbine are made of fiber glass coated with epoxy resins
  • Safety system by hinged vane and automatic beaking switch – the turbine stands to winds of up to 55m/s
  • Pole of 12-36m free-standing or guyed wire


Power according to the speed of wind, Passaat

Power according to the speed of wind, Montana

Power according to the speed of wind, Alize