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Vergnet medium size wind turbines



VERGNET is a brand fanous for its demonstrated technological reliability, good quality of the products and perfect support offered to the customers from the beginning until the end of the commissioning. It offers the most performant turbines available on the market from the medium size range of products. With over 700 turbines on 6 continents, VERGNET is specialized in decentralized energy production allowing customers to use wind energy for local needs. With over 20 years of experience in the wind energy, VERGNET can help you with your community eolian project.


Like all their turbines VERGNET, GEV MP C is robust and light. Due to the semi-rigid support pillar it is very easy to install and transport anywhere in the world.

The Vergnet turbines are the only ones that can handle cyclonic areas at minimal costs.

GEV MP C meets all specific requirements of the small electric networks, over-taking any turbine in its category.
Alle these advantages have transofrmed a technological progress into a commercial success, with over 400 MP GEV type wind turbines operating worldwide.



  • Light structure – despite the fact that it has a height of 55m, GEV MP weights only 20 tons. It is twice as lighter than the conventional wind turbines which are part fo the same category, with the same nominal power.
  • Compact nacelle (basket/railing)– two baskets can fit inside a standard container of 20’.
  • Light sustaining pillar – comprised of 5 x 11.88 modular meters, also fits inside 40′ containers
  • Self-elevating concept – the entire turbine is ensembled on the field, and then lifted with the help of an integrated hydraulic winch. A crain is not required. Solely a forklift is required for the assembling.
  • Reduced foundation – the sustaining pillar allows a small foundation, therefore, the required quantity of concrete is reduced to only 15 cubic meters. This meaning with 80% less than the conventional wind turbines from the same category.
  • 2-blade rotor – exclusive lowering system– due to the 2 blades, the GEV MP turbine can be lowered to the ground for maintanance and cleaning operations.

Using an integrated winch the entire machine can be lowered by two persons in one single easy operation, which takes less than one hour.

Rezistence to any huracane – in case of alerts regarding the weather, any wind park can be secured quickly, because the lowering operation takes less than 1 hour. Once it is fixed on the ground, a GEV turbine can sustain wind gusts of up to 300 kilometers (hurracane level 5)
Earthquake – the adaptable architecture of the sustaining pillar proves efficient once more in the areas predisposed to seismic activity.