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Access to a source of clean water, reliable survival is essential for humans and animals. Underground water sources are safe and clean source of drinking water supply …

Lorentz solar irrigation solutions produce no emissions and generates no noise. Solar irrigation is more reliable than wind energy, while being significantly cheaper and cleaner than diesel …

With the help of technology, expertise and experience gained in a critical drinking water, LORENTZ has a range of pumps for the pool that utilizes zero electricity network …

Tracking the unique axis usually suffices, according to the location and application.2 axis tracking ensures the increase of the performance on Romania’s latitude with 15% compared to the system…

Several areas, such as the former waste deposits and the uncultivated fields are suitable for settling solar parks. Selecting the mastocite length provided by….

The days when the roofs of industrial and public buildings were unused areas are long gone. The TOPtracker┬« and DEGERtracker systems are designed to be integrated into buildings…


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ACM Solar Systems

The solar systems for heating sanitary (domestic) water are easy to use and allow the provision of most of the hot water need within the household, without gas, liquid fuel or electricity consumption. They can be used for heating domestic and pool water. To determine the optimum sunlight, the solar collectors must be pointed south-east/south-west with an inclination angle between 30 and 60 degrees. They can be installed on a horizontal or inclined roof. The modular systems allow the possibility of any application.


Submersible solar pumps

The LORENTZ PS range of helical rotor solar pumps is comprised of high quality products, designed especially for providing drinking water to the communities, supplying water to animal farms and small irrigation systems. The helical rotor pump is simple, efficient and trust-worthy, being able to pump water even with a very low level of solar energy, from a depth of up to 450 m.