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Founded in 1999, DegerEnergieis is the global leader in solar tracking systems, with its own production lines in Canada, Australia and USA and partner network in 19 countries. In the year of 2012, 50 000 Deger tracking systems were installed worldwide.

LORENTZ is a market leader in the field of pumping solutions powered by solar systems. Founded in Germany in 1993, LORENTZ has its own factories all over the world to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards and product testing. The products are designed for areas with no access to electricity, rural and often hostile, which means efficiency and simple maintenance measures. Today LORENTZ is active in more than 130 countries through a dedicated network of professional partners who permanently benefit of information and technical support from LORENTZ.

The success of Vergnet Eolien, the only French producer of wind turbines, is due to over 20 years of worldwide experience.

Historically, Vergnethas focused mainly on water supply for rural areas, currently over 45 million people are benefiting of such systems.
Besides the hydraulic with rural applications, ever since the 1990’s, Vergnethas developed the wind division, with more than 700 wind turbines operating currently worldwide , with exceptional outcomes even in the most adverse climatic conditions.

Fortis is the first worldwide echelon in designing and manufacturing high performance wind turbines, self-contained or connectible on-grid from the 800W to 10KW range. Its reputation is due to over 30 years of experience in providing innovative solutions for the use of wind power and more than 6000 systems installed. Wind turbines customed for weather conditions and your needs.


The company that launched the heat transfer technology on the market, using infrared radiation, more than 30 years ago.

Cadif is an industry leader with spectacular applications  in the field of livestock breeding, dyeing industry as well as in residential, industrial and commercial heating applications.

VEGA CHINA MANUFACTURING is a Chinese elite company, focused on wellness products and healthcare equipment manufacturing, as well as infrared radiant panels, providing customers with quality products that comply with all international standards. The 10 years experience in manufacturing these products recommend VEGA CHINA MANUFACTURING as a reliable producer, with exceptional results in the domain. Verified, certified and homologated by the most important institutions in the world, the INNOVEGA radiant panels are environmentally friendly, do not require service, revision, spare parts nor other maintenance costs. Though the proven therapeutic effects (anti-aging effect, relaxation and stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the immune system, asthma and allergy relief), the radiant panels are recommended for installation in homes, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, offices, churches and generally indoors. The panels have the TUV Rheinland CE German certification, the highest certification in Europe.

Iridex Group Plastic, founded in 1993, reunites various fields of activity – constructions, plastic products (construction and packing nets, for agricultural or industrial use), sanitation – having as a common denominator the care for the environment. The company is the first manufacturer of polyethylene web-type net (obtained by extrusion) from Romania. Iridex Group Plastic sells a wide range of waste storage products, such as containers, bins, street bins, promoting innovative solutions such as buried and semi-buried containers. The company also provides its customers waste machines.

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