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Integrated building

They have long gone days when the roofs of industrial buildings and public areas were unused. TOPtracker® and DEGERtracker systems are designed for integration in buildings.

TOP tracker® for integration in buildings

Efficiency record holder for single axis systems.

Single-axis tracking is usually sufficient, depending on location and application. It also yields another 31 percent is a great achievement – DEGER TOPtracker® holds the world record for single-axis systems.

TOPtracker 8.5

The size and weight of the TOPtracker® 8.5 single-axis system makes

it particularly well suited for installation on flat roofs.

DEGERtracker dual-axis systems for maximum efficiency

For buildings and for installation using varying mast heights.

Precisely at the point where the most irradiation can be absorbed – that is where the dual-axis DEGERtrakers always align the photovoltaic modules and can thus achieve an up to 45 percent yield increase.

All dual-axis trackers of DEGER may be installed on or attached to a building. Still due to being designed for higher windloads we usually recommend the HD-series trackers:

DEGERtracker D60H / 3000HD / 3000NT / 5000NT

These products were developed to withstand high wind loads on and around buildings.

The reinforced structure is designed for wind loads of up to 170 km/h or even up to 300 km/h with a reduced module area.