Private residence, Saftica, Ilfov

Radiant panels
About This Project


Power generation system designed both to cover domestic consumption and also to inject in NPS (National heightened energy system) consists of:

– 8 x Degertracker 9000NT of each 9.24KW each, with each Suntech 220Wp Polycrystalline 42module each, and one inverter SMA Sunny Mini Central 10000TL

– 2 x Degertracker 5000HD of each 5.28KW each with Suntech 220Wp Polycrystalline modules each 24 each and one inverter SMA Sunny Mini Central 5000A

– 4 x Degertracker 5000HD has many 4.14KWp each with 18 modules Delsolar of Polycrystalline 230W each, and SMA Sunny Boy 3800 inverter

– 72 Fixed Thin Film modules EPV-42 each with 42W each with an SMA inverter sunnyboy 3000

– Sophisticated real-time tracking of production with SMA Sunny Webbox ->


Perimeter lighting system with autonomous solar poles MC-G01 (12 pieces)/ G07 (17 pieces) / G02 (28 pieces) / SL01 (3 pieces)


Lighting system with six poles football field with autonomous solar LED lamps of 67W.


Ambient heating the house with radiant infrared type MiniCadif and CADIF Termostrisce.


Domestic water heating and pool with a system of vacuum solar panels.