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About This Project


Power generation system designed both to cover domestic consumption and to inject the NPS (National heightened energy system) consists of:

– 8 x Degertracker 9000NT of each 9.24KW each, with each Suntech 220Wp Polycrystalline 42module each, and one inverter SMA Sunny Mini Central 10000TL

– 2 x Degertracker 5000HD of each 5.28KW each with Suntech 220Wp Polycrystalline modules each 24 each and one inverter SMA Sunny Mini Central 5000A

– 4 x Degertracker 5000HD has many 4.14KWp each with 18 modules Delsolar of Polycrystalline 230W each, and SMA Sunny Boy 3800 inverter

– 72 Fixed Thin Film modules EPV-42 each with 42W each with an SMA inverter sunnyboy 3000

– Sophisticated real-time tracking of production with SMA Sunny Webbox ->

Perimeter lighting system with autonomous solar poles MC-G01 (12 pieces) / G07 (17 pieces) / G02 (28 pieces) / SL01 (3 pieces)

Lighting system with six poles football field with autonomous solar LED lamps of 67W.
Incalzire ambientala a casei cu panouri radiante in infrarosu de tip MiniCadif si Cadif Termostrisce.


Incalzire a apei menajere si a piscinei cu un sistem de panouri solare cu tuburi vidate