Saura Project, Kazahstan

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About This Project


The concept of this project was based on the power supply of a farm located in a region Izon city Saura , Kazakhstan through a hybrid photovoltaic – wind power generation with storage in batteries. The system provides electricity needed for this farm lighting, pumping water from a well of great depth ( 70m ), heating water, etc. thus ensuring a high level of comfort people who live permanently in that location. The system consists of:

–   Fortis Montana 5KW wind turbine inverters with SMA Windy Boy 3800 Windy Boy 1700 +

–   5KW photovoltaic system consists of polycrystalline panels and inverters Sunny Boy 2500 2xSMA

–   2 x SMA Sunny Island 5048

–   BSB 48V batteries totaling 1000Ah

–   Generator back-up gasoline 6KVA startup and automatic battery charge level