Solutions for solar parks

Open ground

Several areas, such as, for example, former landfills and brownfield fields are suitable arrangement opentru solar parks. Deger Traker choice model also offers perfect dual-use options such as parking, urban design, industrial design. With an extensive product range DEGER tracker, DEGER offers the best conditions for success.

DEGERtraker for installations on open ground

Efficiency record holder for single axis systems.

Single-axis tracking is usually sufficient, depending on location and aplicatie.Urmarirea on two axes ensure efficiency improved up to Romania with + 15% compared to the system on an axis and + 43% for fixed system. DEGER TOPtracker® holds the world record for single-axis systems.

Deger Patent MLD system offers maximum efficiency worldwide at the moment.

DEGERtracker S70

DEGERtracker S70 with driven pile foundation

DEGERtracker S60H

The DEGERtracker S60H was specially designed for high wind loads – and based on co-development with Wacker Ingenieures. The singel-axis system resists wind speeds up to 170 km/h effortlessly.

DEGERtracker S60H with concrete foundation

DEGERtracker 40NT

DEGERtracker 40NT

DEGERtracker 8.5

DEGERtracker® 8.5

DEGERtracker for open land

Dual-axis systems with maximum efficiency for open land and installation using varying mast heights.

Precisely at the point where the most irradiation can be absorbed – that is where the dual-axis DEGERtrakers always align the photovoltaic modules and can thus achieve an up to 45 percent yield increase.

DEGERtracker D60H

Solar Tracking System DEGERtracker D60H (for heavy windloads)

DEGERtracker D80

Solar Tracking System DEGERtracker D80

DEGERtracker D100

Solar Tracking System DEGERtracker D100

DEGERtracker 3000NT & 3000HD

Solar Tracking System DEGERtracker 3000NT & 3000HD (Heavy Duty)

DEGERtracker 5000NT

Solar Tracking System DEGERtracker 5000NT